Port Aransas Police Foundation

The Port Aransas Police Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity organization committed to providing targeted financial assistance to the Port Aransas Police Department. The foundation aims to support the department’s mission of creating a safer city through community engagement and effective enforcement.
Established in 2015 by local Port Aransas citizens, the Port Aransas Police Foundation (PAPF) was founded to fulfill the need for financial and volunteer support to the Police Department. This support is intended to procure equipment and implement programs that are not covered by the city budget.

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Supports police officers and their families if an officer is injured in the line of duty.

A program that provides initial and continuing education scholarships to dependents of Port Aransas Police Officers and graduates of Port Aransas High School who are pursuing post high school studies in Criminal Justice or First Responder School.

Supporting community initiatives, special events and programs that enable the Port Aransas Police Department to create and sustain strong relationships and partnerships with Port Aransas citizens and visitors.